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I've been playing drums most of my adult life. I don't claim to be the best drummer but I do claim to be the one that enjoys playing more than anyone I know! I enjoy collecting some vintage drums and bringing them back to life! I tell my wife its a good thing I'm not into old Mustangs or something! There is nothing more therapeutic than the beating of wild animal skins!

My Partner, Best Friend and Wife.


Before I can go any farther in my story I want to thank my wife Nancy for allowing me to be me and putting up with all my antics including having a web page! She is my best friend and I am blessed to have her in my life! We love our dogs, Bella, Andre and Louie Bergier Shireman!

I'm most grateful for you helping lead me to Christ! The fact that we will get to be with each other for eternity is awesome!!!!  Love You Nancy!

Scott Shireman


Currently I am employed with Clark + Riggs in Louisville, KY.

I love helping grow business for us and our customers. Doing this using various types of media and manufacturing is what I love to do!

Love my job, love my company! 

Clark + Riggs - More Than A Printer!


I will try to keep it as humble as possible but anyone who knows me also knows what a challenge that can be! 

I am from Indiana and have lived here all of my life! Growing up with the best childhood a kid could ever want. Worried about nothing, had everything I ever wanted and didn't know fear or insecurity. Boy those were the days! My blue collar parents Jim and Dolores (RIP) both did everything they could to see that all of my needs and wants were taken care of! I had no idea how great I had it! I was encouraged to enjoy my life at every turn!

I have a blessed life in my relationship with my wife, my career, my church and my music ministry opportunities.

My wife and I founded Joyous Noise Ministry in 2013 and have been blessed to put on such shows and festivals as Rock On Water, Rock On Winter and more!

I'm happy to be the drummer of the Christian Rock Band - Hush Harbor! Please check us out on Spotify, iTunes and Youtube or at www.husharborband.com.

I love people and love developing relationships with them.  I value friendships and am grateful to have some!

My boldest prayer is that GOD will continue to bless you!